In search of a dream job: hurdling and vaulting towards a successful postdoc

Side note: I just had to have a track and field reference in the title. It’s been the one extracurricular that has kept me hungry in the world of science. Five years ago, I had the choice to live and work in one of three places. 1. Dallas, TX where I would have worked in […]

In case you wonder about the hiatus.

I try to post once a month. Well, I have been. Except it isn’t here but rather part of my new blogging endeavors with Fitness Cult Chronicles. They obviously have much more readership than me and rightfully so. If you feel like you have been missing out on some posts, below are a few posts […]

Meathead, now available!

I have been working on this book for over three years. It combines athletic anecdotes with scientific discoveries in a very under appreciated field of exercise physiology. Whether you are looking for  motivation to continue working out or want to bring your athletic training to the next level, this book can help you accomplish both. […]

6 years of Dormivigilia and how to get that Science paper

It’s hard to believe that Dormivigilia is going six years strong. Sure, I don’t post as often as I did in graduate school, but hopefully my readers haven’t given up total hope. From being selected as the official neuroblogger of the neuroendocrine and homeostatic section at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting five times in […]

Best of 2014: #pandanation #allbridgers #rabs #SfN #cashmoneyscience

I can’t believe that I am approaching my 7th year of neuroblogging. This year was so so. There were some good parts in the middle but it started and ended on crappier moments. However, I’m looking forward to some promising moments in 2015, including the publishing of Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain–a book that I have […]

Insights from an Academic on the Market

The past four months have been a whirlwind. I’ve been mindlessly applying to positions; sending nearly the same generic application to 70-80 schools hoping for at least a phone call. It turns out even this was a poor strategy. Because even though search committees know the market is tight, they want to see some bit […]

Thanksgiving Travels to the Yucatan

For the second Thanksgiving, I travelled abroad. This one was just as eye-opening as the first; when my best friend from high school and I went to Venice and I saved her dignity after she fell into the Venetian Canal in the blistering cold (no, we weren’t drunk; the walkways were dimly lit and very dark […]

Consider Funding This.

(Wealthier) readers in biomedical science. Here’s your chance to contribute to something BIG: Epigenetics and sleep. How sleep amounts alter gene function as to be studied by an elite group of folks in sleep research

Welcome to SfN y’all!

First day and great day. Please venture over to the Theme H posters on display til Sunday. In today’s funding climate, it’s great to see an emphasis on teaching and the history of our field. There are different teaching modalities for different demographics and that is the key to success. As for science, the clocks […]

Pensacola Beach Brawl: Pain in the Sun, Sand, and Surf

It’s time for some self promotion mixed with science. Sorry. This weekend, I competed in the Pensacola Beach Brawl which also presented me with the opportunity to compete in my first (Crossfit-style) triathlon. Sure, we swam (and saw a bull shark on the pier the morning of the swim), but then we sat on a […]

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