Eva: 2010-2012

If you recall, we adopted Eva from the Atlanta Humane Society nearly six months ago. Since then, she has grown extremely attached to Montegraphia and has become more tolerant to me. It’s been a wonderful experience to see her personality blossom and her confidence in humans grow despite the several years of neglect in a […]

A Guide to Sleeping in Airports

Tonight, I have to do the unbearable: sleep over in an airport. I have a flight that leaves tomorrow morning at 6:15 am, but two circumstances prevent me from delaying my arrival until early tomorrow morning: 1) MARTA (rapid transit) does not start service until 5:30; and 2) Montegraphia is in Ohio finishing his dissertation […]

Sleep in Old Age?

For years, it has been observed (and assumed) that aging causes sleep to worsen; that is, the elderly may spend more time in bed, but they spend more of that time in bed awake compared with younger and busier adults. Many of these studies were conducted in laboratory environments and in age-appropriate animal models. However, […]

We Did It! Off to the CrossFit Regionals!

Over the past 5 weeks, a fellow teammate and I have fought through brutal, physiologically-taxing workouts in an attempt to qualify for the next stage of being crowned (by Reebok) the “Fittest [Female] Person on Earth.” While I certainly do not foresee myself earning that title because quite honestly, I don’t have the technique, skill-level, […]

Another Placebo Drink?

You may have noticed the recent popularity of vitamin-infused water often accompanied by hipster-esque marketing campaigns. I, myself, am a huge fan of the Vitamin Water drinks, particularly the XXX which has blueberry, pomegranate, and acai (pronounced ah-sa-ee) extracts. Well, I had to laugh when my first introduction to a newer line of vitamin-infused water was […]

March is Brain Awareness Month

Every year, neuroscientists around the world celebrate Brain Awareness Week through the sponsorship of the Society for Neuroscience and the Dana Foundation. This year’s Brain Awareness Week is scheduled for next week; March 12-16. However, here in Atlanta, we are celebrating Brain Awareness Month. Like many other neuroscience communities, we will be visiting elementary, middle, […]

Happy Leap Year!!!

I made an effort to re-make as many reagents as possible today (for expts that I am currently pursuing, of course) just so that the label of “2-29-12″ can remind me of the extra day of 2012 every so often. I also want to continue the tradition of starting a new chapter in my educational […]

The OPEN in Here!

Since last July, Montegraphia and I have fought through hundreds of 15-45 minute work outs that unleash copious amounts of sweat, lactic acid, muscle fatigue, and physiological stress all for the purpose of this: the CrossFit Open competition and hopefully the Regional competition if we finish in the top 60 in the Southeast region, which […]

Highlights from Garage Games 2012 Despite Public Concern….

This past weekend, Montegraphia and I competed in the Garage Games team competition sponsored by Reebok and some crossfit-specific sponsors. It was an unusual weekend for weather in Georgia with temperatures in the low 20s before factoring in the wind chill. This certainly affected the intensity of the competition because the games were outdoors and […]

Preparation for the Garage Games ONE 2012

Over the past several months, Montegraphia and I have been doing two-a-days (yes, I never though I would say [or do] that after college) in preparation for the Garage Games in nearby Woodstock, GA. It is a two team- and individual-event where you do a series of hellacious crossfit workouts in the rain, sunshine, snow, […]

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