On Bullshit

The keynote speaker at this year’s Trainee Symposia Series, Dr. David Dinges, ¬†recommended that everyone read On Bullshit, ¬†a quick, philosophical read on the etymology and semantics of, well, bullshit, by Professor Emeritus Harry Frankfurt of Princeton. This book should be on the shelf on every academic, next to William Strunk and E.B White’s Elements […]

Sleep 2012

We have arrived in Boston for the 26th annual meeting of the Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The next few days are for trainees (of which I organized this year), reunioning with former fellows, and science. Updates to follow!

Science and (Non-Science) Beach Reading Recommendations

In my spare time, I like to read pop(ular) neuroscience and psychology books. And now that summer is upon us and some of us have more time to read while visiting different landscapes, I provide a brief list of books that I’ve read (and recommend) and books that I presume are good based on their […]

Meet Amos

For regular readers, you may recall that we had very traumatic news to share at the end of last month: our two-year old daschund that we rescued from a puppy mill was tragically killed by a car when we were at the Crossfit Regionals. After weeks of coping, Montegraphia and I decided that it was […]

Summer Conference Travel has Arrived!

My favorite, yet most frenzied time of year has arrived once again. For regular readers of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I am basically away from the bench every week(s) or so in May and June. This May and June is no different, except for that my conference schedule is phase-advanced by a few […]

Sports Pseudoscience in the Podcast Arena

It’s common for athletes to have idiosyncratic behaviors, items, and places that they have to do, need, or visit prior to or during a competition. I used to be a part of this crowd as a high school and collegiate athlete. But as my knowledge of science advanced, I have grown to realize that these […]

Eva: 2010-2012

If you recall, we adopted Eva from the Atlanta Humane Society nearly six months ago. Since then, she has grown extremely attached to Montegraphia and has become more tolerant to me. It’s been a wonderful experience to see her personality blossom and her confidence in humans grow despite the several years of neglect in a […]

A Guide to Sleeping in Airports

Tonight, I have to do the unbearable: sleep over in an airport. I have a flight that leaves tomorrow morning at 6:15 am, but two circumstances prevent me from delaying my arrival until early tomorrow morning: 1) MARTA (rapid transit) does not start service until 5:30; and 2) Montegraphia is in Ohio finishing his dissertation […]

Sleep in Old Age?

For years, it has been observed (and assumed) that aging causes sleep to worsen; that is, the elderly may spend more time in bed, but they spend more of that time in bed awake compared with younger and busier adults. Many of these studies were conducted in laboratory environments and in age-appropriate animal models. However, […]

We Did It! Off to the CrossFit Regionals!

Over the past 5 weeks, a fellow teammate and I have fought through brutal, physiologically-taxing workouts in an attempt to qualify for the next stage of being crowned (by Reebok) the “Fittest [Female] Person on Earth.” While I certainly do not foresee myself earning that title because quite honestly, I don’t have the technique, skill-level, […]

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