Neuroblogging, sightseeing, and exhibit halling at SfN

First off, I am honored to be selected as an official blogger of the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting for the 7th year. My blog was evolved immensely since 2009. Although, most of my posts are housed on Fitness Cult Chronicles to promote my popular science book, Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain. As for SfN, posts […]

Vampire Diaries: Tales of Sleep

Blood is making a comeback in neuroscience and psychology research. Centuries ago, Galen thought that personality and behavior were governed by the four “humors” with blood being one of them. A few months ago, blood gained some credibility in neuroscience when a study published in Nature found that the donation of blood collected from a […]

In Response to the Erin Simmons Dilemma: How to Effectively Defend an Argument

For the crossfitters of the social media world, our FB, Instagram, and Twitter feeds have been littered with a few unique buzzwords the past few days. Of course, this is all in response to Erin Simmons who got her 15 minutes of fame warning society about the dangers of Crossfit. This post is not about […]

The Importance of a Career Development Plan

This infographic has gone viral across the past few days, and for a very good reason. Many PhD candidates in biology aspire to have the life of their mentor in graduate school. I will even admit that it seems like utopia except for the time away from the bench. I hope to never be that […]

Predicting Regionals ranking during the Crossfit Open: Does it only take one bad workout?

I cannot take credit for this. My husband wrote it on his blog domain (, which is loading very slowly at the moment. His rationale for writing this manifests from my somewhat mediocre performance during the first week. I am a two-time individual Regionals and (team) Games competitor. I am committed to competing in the […]

Olympics and the Open

It will be an awesome month of watching high-level athletes on the big screen and competing as a high-level athlete. This month, we celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics. I will pay more attention than usual to the sports, stories, and ceremonies because one of the most inspirational athletes in the business–Lolo Jones–has retired from track […]

5 Years of Dormivigilia

Five years ago, a few graduate students in the biology department and I decided that we wanted to become better science writers, professionally and publicly. Around the same time, the three of us also happened to co-found a campus group called The Kent State Freethinkers to provide a social and educational outlet for skeptics and atheists […]

Best of Dormivigilia in 2013

This year was incredible–scientifically, athletically, and personally. I had a lot of firsts that will, in some cases, likely never be seconds. I got both NIH grants that I first applied for in 2012 and then re-applied for in 2013; an F32 to investigate skeletal muscle regulation of sleep and metabolic processes and a loan […]

Physiology of a Haunted House

I love the month of October. I love the crisp, cooler temps. I love pumpkin-flavored beer and lattes. And I love Halloween. But I love Halloween for haunted houses not for dressing up. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the Midwest, a region of the country known for its haunted houses and villages. […]

Travesty of Mental Health for Veterans

This week, we commemorated the 12th year of 9-11. For many of us in the crossfit community, we did a workout in honor of the fallen. Last year, I discussed the residual consequences of 9-11 on the mental health of surviving families and nearby communities. This year, I find it fitting that the New Yorker published […]

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