Metabolic Output during Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movement: Research of Crossfit

At last, exercise physiologists have become interested in crossfit. Who wouldn’t? From anecdotal experience, crossfit has tremendously enhanced my work output and endurance, even with being a highly trained athlete (work out for 2-3 hrs daily) since the age of 13. Also, I’ve noticed that my immune response is heightened and I can do moderate […]

Survey of Energy Drink Use and Abuse

Within the  past week, I’ve seen two articles concerning the rising popularity of energy drinks for recreation, alertness, and performance. In the athletic community, it is well known that caffeine improves endurance in those not tolerant to  it. In fact, some collegiate athletes have failed drug tests for having too high amounts of caffeine in […]

In Search of the Secret Coke Formula

A few weekends ago, I finally visited the World of Coke in downtown Atlanta with some college friends. Like most people who visit the World of Coke, the most memorable exhibit was the tasting room where you can sample 64 flavors of unique Coke-owned products from North America, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa that […]

A South Park Parody of Sports-Related Concussions

My favorite, long-running show on television is South Park. The show is in its SIXTEENTH season. And while they continue to run out of ethnic and cultural stereotypes to parody, they have been poking fun of current news events this season of which in reality they really do take a serious position on. In a […]

Rechenitsa Dedication for Jimmie

Every year, my family and family friends attend an annual Macedonian convention held during Labor Day weekend. The conventions usually commence in some city around the Great Lakes region (including Canada) because a majority of Macedonians who immigrated from the homeland (and former Yugoslavia like my great-grandparents) settled here during the Balkan Wars which took […]

When the Public Finds it Necessary to Support Research…..

While catching up on my Science magazines, I came across an article on the future state of the anti-doping lab that was built to test over 6,000 blood, urine, and tissue samples from the 2012 Olympic athletes. The lab is over SEVEN tennis courts in length and has numerous, extremely expensive pieces of equipment that are […]

2012 Olympics are Over….Sigh….

Although I look forward to seeing many spectacular action shots taken in London in the next few issues of ESPN and Sports Illustrated….until 2016. But for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to coordinate 24 hr streaming at the Olympics with basic molecular bench work, here are recaps of some of the greatest feats […]

USA Re-Captures Gold in Pole Vault!

The US did not do well in pole vault during the 2008 Olympics. By well I mean that we didn’t win. A majority of the pole manufacturing is done here in the US, so one would think that we would have some competitive, engineering-based advantage, right? Well, it doesn’t matter what happened in 2008 because […]

McKayla Maroney’s Insane Vault

Many of you may know that the women’s gymnastics team won their first gold medal since the Magnificent 7 team of the Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics. Part of the reason was due to this nearly perfectly executed and stuck vault by teammate McKayla Maroney which is shown in slow-mo here so that you can have […]

Science of the Summer Olympic Events

I apologize for the delay in posting, but this is the week that I have been looking forward to: re-submitting my postdoctoral NRSA application. I also made a brief trip home to Youngstown to attend my cousin’s wedding. Yes, this is one of few photos that you will see of me in something other than […]

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