Neury Thursday: Molecular Evidence for Memory Consolidation during REM Sleep

We’ve known in the sleep community for quite some time that REM sleep is important for the consolidation and recall of memories, albeit declarative (facts), procedural (motor skills), and emotional. We also know, or at least can postulate that the hippocampus plays an important role wherein there are actually changes in neurons at global and […]

Congrats Dr Mander (!!!) and his Widely-Publicized Study of Aging, Poor Sleep, and Bad Memory

Over the years, I meet many cool, brilliant researchers at the annual sleep meeting. Bryce Mander, a postdoc in the laboratory of Matt Walker at UC-Berkeley is one of them. He has undertaken many studies throughout his research career that have examined the effects of aging on sleep. In this study, Bryce and his collaborators […]

Adenosinergic Regulation of Sleep (Continued)

Since starting my blog in 2008, I have highlighted many investigations of adenosine, sleep, and wakefulness. Well, the saga continues. In the recent issue of Sleep, Dutch researchers compared spontaneous and pharmacologically-induced episodes of sleep and wakefulness in transgenic mice with subsensitive calcium channels. As you may recall, adenosine accumulates across waking and dissipates during […]

My Life and Neuroscience (in Blog Form) for 2012

This is my fourth year as a blogger.  And I still love it. While some of my friends’ blogging enthusiasms have declined (yes, Montegraphia..this means YOU!!!), I have continued to increase the frequency of posting with each new year. The year began with some exciting, personal news. Montegraphia and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve/Day […]

SfN Sleep and Circadian Datablitz

One of the events us chronobiologists, neuroendocrinologists, and/or sleep specialists anticipate is the 1 minute, 1 slide datablitz. Weeks prior to the datablitz, a committee picks the abstracts, a charismatic moderator, and a plenary speaker, particularly someone who has had substantial impact on the field. This year’s datablitz will be held Monday evening (October 15th) in the […]

Another Successful William C Dement Retreat: Race, Space, and Neuroimgaing of Sleep

Almost every year, I attend an annual retreat that my undergraduate advisor (Dr. Mary Carskadon of Brown University) holds at a small, secluded research campus in Southern Rhode Island. The retreat is the conclusion of a summer research program that Mary has been running over several decades. Her summer program is a great opportunity for undergraduates to […]

Neury Thursday: Elucidating Atonia During REM Sleep

In a recent issue of Journal of Neuroscience, Canadian researchers used pharmacological and electrophysiological tools in order to investigate which basic, inhibitory cascades cause muscle atonia during REM sleep. As many of you know, muscle atonia is a classic indicator of REM sleep, and quite honestly, is one of the easiest ways to differentiate between […]

A Blogging Year in Review: Science, Socializing, and Sports

Per usual, I post some of the most fascinating science, current health news, and personal events from the year of 2011. Scientifically, I highlighted novel methods and materials, including optogenetics and fMRIs in rodents, and recent progress in drug addiction and circadian rhythms research, for the most part. Professionally, I had the opportunity to attend […]

Neury Thursday: Electrophysiological Characterization of Drowsiness

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see experimental rabbits for the first-time at my former lab mate’s current academic institution. All I have to say is god damn are they huge! From that experience, I now have a handful of respect for the researchers who not only have to do surgical implants […]

Do Horror Films Disrupt Sleep, at least objectively?

I can recall two movies that I watched during early and late adolescence which caused me to have disruptive sleep over several days and made me terrified to be alone at (my parent’s) home; Scream (the original) and The Exorcist. The levels of realism portrayed in each of these films are polarizing (the former is […]

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