Awesome Neurosciency, Sciency itouch Apps

A few days ago, I moved into the 21st century and got a PDA device with WiFi; an itouch with new Facetime (it’s similar to Skype or Google Video). It is by far the best addition to my retro ipod collection consisting of a ipod mini (4 GB, circa 2005); an ipod 3rd generation (30 […]

Neury Thursday: Ontogeny of Slow Wave Sleep

I’m not overly apologetic for the tardiness of this week’s Neury Thursday because I got the new itouch with FaceTime and Kindle a few days ago. Just what I need, some new technological device to exacerbate procrastination, but I will certainly benefit from the cool, nerdy, informative neurosciency applications I have found. On to Neury […]

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