We Did It! Off to the CrossFit Regionals!

Over the past 5 weeks, a fellow teammate and I have fought through brutal, physiologically-taxing workouts in an attempt to qualify for the next stage of being crowned (by Reebok) the “Fittest [Female] Person on Earth.” While I certainly do not foresee myself earning that title because quite honestly, I don’t have the technique, skill-level, […]

First Cocaine Paper!

My graduate school laboratory has become a public expert in the study of alcohol dependence within a chronobiological framework, but we have recently extended this expertise to another popular drug of abuse: cocaine (at least in the 80s but is still high-profile in the celebrity scence). Paper here. Using similar experimental techniques to that in our […]

Emotional and Actual Rollercoasters

This past week has been a rollercoaster. The week began with my attendance at an absolutely wonderful career development workshop for postdocs at the NIH. The two-day workshop covered basically every issue that provokes anxiety in postdocs (and their significant others); from finding public and private federal funding opportunities , crafting your CV based on […]

Another Placebo Drink?

You may have noticed the recent popularity of vitamin-infused water often accompanied by hipster-esque marketing campaigns. I, myself, am a huge fan of the Vitamin Water drinks, particularly the XXX which has blueberry, pomegranate, and acai (pronounced ah-sa-ee) extracts. Well, I had to laugh when my first introduction to a newer line of vitamin-infused water was […]

PSA: Daylight Savings Time

Those of us who are sensitive to morning sunlight are looking forward to tomorrow morning because we finally will be able to wake up at a more reasonable time; in the winter, I have a difficult time getting out of bed unassisted by an alarm clock before 8 AM when the sun is just barely […]

Neury Thursday: Genetic Regulation of Resistance to Sleep Loss

Instead of focusing on a Journal of Neuroscience piece this week, I am going to highlight a paper published in a recent PNAS that I presented in journal club today. The study was undertaken by a group of fellow sleep researchers at Wash U in St. Louis who are experts in Drosophila sleep and subsequently […]

Today Kicks Off National Sleep Awareness Week

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF), which is a non-profit organization headed by leading researchers and clinicians in sleep and chronobiological research, funds programs for the practice and maintenance of healthy sleep habits and provides information on the consequences of sleep loss as it relates to all professions of employment. This week is a celebration of the year’s […]

March is Brain Awareness Month

Every year, neuroscientists around the world celebrate Brain Awareness Week through the sponsorship of the Society for Neuroscience and the Dana Foundation. This year’s Brain Awareness Week is scheduled for next week; March 12-16. However, here in Atlanta, we are celebrating Brain Awareness Month. Like many other neuroscience communities, we will be visiting elementary, middle, […]

Physiology of the Olympic Snatch

This week’s workout for the Reebok CrossFit Sectionals includes numerous (and that’s an understatement) reps of one of the most challenging, technical, and weakest lifts of most crossfitters and athletes (including myself): the Olympic snatch. Unlike an overhead squat in which the athlete can control a large amount of weight over his head as he […]

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