Eva: 2010-2012

If you recall, we adopted Eva from the Atlanta Humane Society nearly six months ago. Since then, she has grown extremely attached to Montegraphia and has become more tolerant to me. It’s been a wonderful experience to see her personality blossom and her confidence in humans grow despite the several years of neglect in a […]

The Poor Songbirds of Atlanta

These poor birds have a messed up circadian rhythm (er, likely no rhythm). Unlike songbirds of the Northeast which predictably wake up around 4 AM every spring/summer morning, the birds of the ATL start chirping when I go to bed (1230 AM)! I guess it’s no surprise given the light pollution emitted by 6 million […]

I was right! Sleep loss compounded by jet lag is the culprit for poorer NBA performances

This data was recently compiled by the NBA and published in the LA Times. Do you want to consult next time? I blogged about this being the potential cause of poorer performances per NBA analysts two months ago. In the meantime, I received the full list of brutal, pain-wrenching workouts that I will be doing […]

Neury Thursday: Adenosine and Sleep

For years, it has been observed through electrophysiological, pharmacological, and molecular studies that levels of adenosine released from glia in the basal forebrain are closely aligned to episodes of sleep and wakefulness. In brief, adenosine levels rise across wakefulness, due, in part, to increased demands for ATP, and dissipate during sleep. This temporal profile of […]

A Guide to Sleeping in Airports

Tonight, I have to do the unbearable: sleep over in an airport. I have a flight that leaves tomorrow morning at 6:15 am, but two circumstances prevent me from delaying my arrival until early tomorrow morning: 1) MARTA (rapid transit) does not start service until 5:30; and 2) Montegraphia is in Ohio finishing his dissertation […]

Sleep in Old Age?

For years, it has been observed (and assumed) that aging causes sleep to worsen; that is, the elderly may spend more time in bed, but they spend more of that time in bed awake compared with younger and busier adults. Many of these studies were conducted in laboratory environments and in age-appropriate animal models. However, […]

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