Debunking Further Dangers of Cell Phones

For those of you who are members of the skeptic, rational thinking community, you’ll be amused by today’s post. If you recall, it has been postulated that the omnipresence of electromagentic waves emitted from cell phones put individuals at increased risks for brain cancer and reproductive-related cancers……since most cell phones reside in one’s pocket(s). These […]

Meet Amos

For regular readers, you may recall that we had very traumatic news to share at the end of last month: our two-year old daschund that we rescued from a puppy mill was tragically killed by a car when we were at the Crossfit Regionals. After weeks of coping, Montegraphia and I decided that it was […]

SRBR: the inception of translational research

The funding crux has finally reached the circadian field. There was so much focus on the role of clock genes and beautiful transgenic lines on disease states at the meeting, which made me happy, but probably was a slight disappointment to those doing basic SCN physiology. Basically, there is at least one cardiac, metabolic, neuromuscular, […]

Recap of Neural Genetics

I’ve left one time-zone (mountain) and I’m on to the next (central). I was very pleased with my first attendance at IBANGS, which is a scientific society that focuses on the interactions of gene expression, brain anatomy, and their subsequent effects on behavior. The flagship journal of the society is Genes, Brain, and Behavior. Unlike […]

A Collage of Reebok Fittest on Earth Dirty South Regionals

Many of you may have noticed that I like to counterbalance my nerdy, sciency posts with meathead, jocky posts of recent crossfit and track and field news and competitions that I have competed in. I must admit that I’ve live a double-life in which I attempt to mask my embarrassment of being a nerd with my passion […]

Summer Conference Travel has Arrived!

My favorite, yet most frenzied time of year has arrived once again. For regular readers of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I am basically away from the bench every week(s) or so in May and June. This May and June is no different, except for that my conference schedule is phase-advanced by a few […]

Neury Thursday: Empirical Examination of the Scientist (Brain)

Scientists are likely to fail. With funding and journal acceptance rates lingering at 10%, the remaining 90% of us are stuck in a high effort-low benefit scenario. I guess you can say that we are the 99% . I bring up high effort-low benefit and relate it to the current likelihood of success in science […]

Sports Pseudoscience in the Podcast Arena

It’s common for athletes to have idiosyncratic behaviors, items, and places that they have to do, need, or visit prior to or during a competition. I used to be a part of this crowd as a high school and collegiate athlete. But as my knowledge of science advanced, I have grown to realize that these […]

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