Two-Week Science Hiatus

Every two years, I take a 1-2 wk hiatus from science, aside from emailing, fine-tuning graphs, grants, and papers, of course, to attend a biennial family reunion held in Ft. Myers. So, please do not expect much science to be discussed though I would like to comment on some recent studies published in Science and […]

Revisiting Gender and Athletic Performance

A few years ago, I espoused an opinion on assigning binary (male or female) gender to professional trans-gender athletes. The most current case, to date, is over the gender assignment of Castor Semanya, a South African 800 m runner who holds numerous world-class records.  In my blog post, I summarized a beautifully written, though lengthy […]

Serotonin Genotypes and Sleep Phenotypes

  In this month’s issue of Sleep, the laboratory of my undergraduate advisor found that variants of a gene encoding for serotonin receptor function differentially affect daily sleep amounts and the severity of depressive-like moods. The relationship between dysfunctional serotonin signaling and the likelihood of depression is well documented as are the relationships between: 1)  serotonin […]

First Acknowledgment: Sleep is Imperative for Health

This month, a great review of seminal and recent publications that highlight the importance of sleep from a public health and evolutionary perspective has been published in Sleep; the flagship journal of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society. It’s “laymen-ly” written to encourage the general public to change (or optimize) their […]

On Bullshit

The keynote speaker at this year’s Trainee Symposia Series, Dr. David Dinges,  recommended that everyone read On Bullshit,  a quick, philosophical read on the etymology and semantics of, well, bullshit, by Professor Emeritus Harry Frankfurt of Princeton. This book should be on the shelf on every academic, next to William Strunk and E.B White’s Elements […]

Neury Thursday: Dopamine and Aging

It’s been quite some time since I have done a Neury Thursday. But now that conference season has ended and I can sleep in my own bed, use my own reliable internet, return to my own crossfit gym, and stop spending nights and afternoons eating at restaurants and drinking wonderfully fermented beverages,  I am re-motivated […]

Tweets at SLEEP

This year, the APSS meeting got more modern and encouraged its attendees to utilize social media; namely Twitter and Foursquare. Below is a series of some of my Tweets from the meeting which summarize great pieces of professional development advice conveyed at the Trainee Day, entertaining quotes from speakers, and really cool and game-changing research […]

Sleep 2012

We have arrived in Boston for the 26th annual meeting of the Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The next few days are for trainees (of which I organized this year), reunioning with former fellows, and science. Updates to follow!

Science and (Non-Science) Beach Reading Recommendations

In my spare time, I like to read pop(ular) neuroscience and psychology books. And now that summer is upon us and some of us have more time to read while visiting different landscapes, I provide a brief list of books that I’ve read (and recommend) and books that I presume are good based on their […]

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