This was my first year as a “neuroblogger” (per Society for Neuroscience) or even a blogger for that matter. Though I have not perfected the practice of proofreading, and hence, have to re-post several times, I do seem to have a steady audience (so I think). Below are the bests of 2009, month by month.

Best of January: my first and only post! A historical, narrative account of “How NOT to do science” was a fantastic introduction (per reader comments).

Best of February: sleep misnomers!

Best of March: Even earthworms can take an IQ test!

Best of April: My most popular post of the year that was published in an Urban Survival Guide by a Canadian writer!

Best of May: My lab is famous amongst college-aged males

Best of June: Not a groundbreaking moment in science (except maybe exercise physiology), but groundbreaking nonetheless: Hayward Field!

Best of July: This certainly is not a best moment, but Rick deserves every bit of recognition

Best of August: First publication!

Best of September: The first edition of Neury Thursday

Best  of October: Selected as a sponsored blog of the Society for Neuroscience. You should start reading the other wonderful, fantastic neuroblogs as well.

Best of November: The first documentation of sex under an MRI.

Best of December: PBS documentary on “What are Dreams?”

SEE YOU IN 2010!!!