First off, I have an excuse for my week long hiatus. My best friend from high school who has been dating her boyfriend since 10th grade (or if you count the years of endless flirtation, then 6th grade) finally got married and had a fabulous, quintessentially Italian Youngstown wedding. Now that the festivities are over and I am in Florida for a family reunion, I happened, ironically enough, to encounter a circadian-related article in Cosmopolitan while waiting in line at the grocery store. Though I haven’t been able to locate a digital copy of the rather inconspicuous graph, Dr. Holly Phillips (MD) reports of a biological rhythm in sexual desire (i.e. horniness).

As represented here, horniness is highest in the morning (no surprise) and at night (also no surprise). Cosmo suggests that during the mid-morning and afternoon when horniness is precipitously dropping that you and your man get a coffee and spend time with the guys/girls (so you’ll miss each other’s presence), respectively.

Three years ago at the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms meeting, I recall seeing a poster with similar data; though I don’t remember which circadian time points the bathypahse and acrophase of sexual performance and sperm quality occur, sadly, sexual performance is out-of-phase with sperm quality, which isn’t good news for baby wanters. Google scholar wasn’t any help either, unfortunately.