No more beaches, no more palm trees, and no more deliciously spicy Mexicana salsa. Hello cold, hello snow, and hello bare ugly brown trees.

But at least I am returning with some new swag and have become a member of AAAS (even if my motivation for doing so was driven by a free T-shift about how to explain my dissertation at parties). Interpretative dance, of course.

So here’s a brief list of my acquired stuff for the purpose of comparing notes for those of you who went and for the purpose of gloating for those of you who didn’t attend:

Free T-shirts:
1) black imprinted with neon antibodies from Novus (they also had custom made antibody, neuron, and Novus silly bands)
2) black imprinted with “Biolicious” from Sigma
3) grey imprinted with colorful neurons from Enzo

And then there was a:
2 GB flashdrive
An engraved pen
Lots of Neury, artisty posters
Brain coasters and pens
Hard-bound notebooks
A mouse (computer)
Stuffed mice and turtles
And lots of candy to compensate for the afternoon poster viewing-induced dip in blood sugar.