Three months ago, Montegraphia and I adopted a 2-year old daschund from the Atlanta Humane Society. Her name was Dusk, but that was quickly changed to something more sassy: Eva (with an accent above the “E”). Since becoming a member of our family, Eva has grown extremely attached to Montegraphia and I as evidenced by her persistent bucking and hyperactivity of a similar magnitude after an 8 hr absence or even a few minutes. Over time, she has grown more confident in people and herself which most likely manifests from her two years of being a breeder in a 66+ dog puppy mill. Unfortunately, this confidence and attachment has transformed into barking across the day of which our neighbors would certainly not be pleased about.

To resolve this, Montegraphia and I decided to set up a week-long, real-time webcam to determine when and why she barks. We’ve also learned from peaking at the real-time video while at work that Eva does nothing else but pace and wait by the door all day for our return. That’s why we are considering getting another dog. Perhaps this will assuage her loneliness.

Here are some thumbnails from the real-time video as well as a “doggie actogram” of which the program generated each day. Aside from her predictable afternoon behavior, Eva has also become our alarm clock; every morning at 7:05 am, not earlier or later, she crawls in to bed with us.

Isn’t she cute?