My favorite, yet most frenzied time of year has arrived once again. For regular readers of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I am basically away from the bench every week(s) or so in May and June. This May and June is no different, except for that my conference schedule is phase-advanced by a few weeks and I’ve replaced one meeting (the Research Society on Alcoholism) with another (International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society; IBANGS). That being said, I will be making frequent posts on meeting content over the next several weeks from….

May 16-19; IBANGS 2012 in Boulder, CO. A few fellow postdocs and I will be presenting data on clock gene regulation of drug intake, namely related to the study of alcoholism and cocaine addiciton. This talk is Friday, May 18th.

May 20-23; Our bienniel Society for Research on Biological Rhythms meeting in Sandestin, FL. Here, I will be presenting two posters from my current postdoc research and late-life graduate school research as well as giving my first ever, and extremely stressful DataBlitz (1 slide, 1 minute) presentation.

June 9-13; The annual SLEEP meeting in Boston, MA. In addition to being the head “concierge” of the this year’s Trainee Symposia Series which precedes the start of the metting, I will be presenting a poster as well as finishing up any Board of Director duties that Ihave had over the past year.

I’ll try to post pictures from the surrounding landscape of each meeting too, except for maybe Boston because I don’t really consider Boston to be a novel, travel destination having lived there for 4 years……