I have spent the better half of two weeks in coastal and central Florida. The first week was spent in Ft. Myers during which time Montegraphia and I took advantage of our proximity to numerous aquatic creatures and ecosystems. We visited salt marshes, bogs, and, of course, the ocean. Below are two pictures of one of hundred horseshoe crabs swimming along the bottom of the water banks in a nationally-protected wetland as well as a herd of manatees!!!

The second week was spent in Disney. And while there was not much nature to observe, you’ll notice signs of human ontogeny in this picture compared with that in the previous post.

Although I did hear and subsequently did an empirical lit search, so technically, I learned, that giraffes sleep very minimally across a 24 hr day. In fact, they sleep for roughly 30 minutes! Someone needs to study their short sleep polymorphisms and look for overlaps with human short sleep SNPs.

Science will resume this week on dormivigilia, I promise.