This weekend, my teammates and I finished our 5 weeks of worldwide (crossfit) competition; every Wednesday evening, a workout was released and we had until Sunday evening to complete it as many times as we chose. Most of us did it once although I chose to re-do the third one because I had complete muscle failure on the first try. Each workout was designed to test different metabolic pathways and skill sets–some had heavy Olympic lifts performed over a short duration whereas others had a mixture of light to heavy gymnastics and neurological-based exercises across a longer duration—but all of them hurt; some were lung burners, others caused intense muscle fatigue, while others completely drained your ability to move efficiently. All of us pushed ourselves to new physiological and mental limits and our hours of training paid off because we advanced to the next competition which is a three-day event in West Palm Beach. But we not only advanced, we dominated, having placed first in the Southeast (comprised of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama) and ninth in the world! If we place in the top three at the regional event in WPB, then we will compete in the ‘Fittest on Earth’ competition (ie. the Crossfit Games) outside of LA and can guarantee to see some air time on ESPN. Until then, I’ll be balancing training with research and teaching loads, although I am one of those weird people who manages to stay focused and become even more productive throughout the process…..or so I tell myself…..