This weekend was physiologically stressful and exciting. Not only did we ‘vacation’ in Palm Beach, Florida, having stayed in a tropical mansion three blocks from a pristine beach, but we qualified for the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games to be held July 28-30th at the Home Depot Center (and home of the LA Galaxy). It wasn’t without a fight though. My teammates and I struggled on some of the workouts (attempting to squat #130 pounds placed over my head three times) and dominated others (see photo finish below). Overall, this past weekend will be a lifetime highlight in my athletic career that I hope to reflect upon for years to come (until my Apoe4 mutation decides to kick in). After the competition, we had to do several interviews and other mandatory stuff like drug testing. All I will say is that I now have a better understanding as to why the general public perceives athletes as dumb jocks….because journalists ask such vague and rhetorical questions! I’ll probably post some video highlights once they become available, but I doubt that I will be making much airtime because of all the profanities I exclaimed in excitement and pain : )

sprint to the finish, classic track form

Third place, bitches!!!