Every June since I began research as a junior in college, I have been away for conferences. This year is no different except for that the one conference that I am attending (Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology) is right here in Atlanta. Sadly, this is the first time in my research career that I was unable to attend the annual Associate Professional Sleep Society (APSS) meeting which was held in Baltimore this week. Below are some photos (and memories) that I have taken over the years at previous meetings as well as blog summaries of this research (for most of them). I’ll be back.

SLEEP 2012: Boston. Fantastic time watching the Celtics vs Heat NBA finals game at a bar (Cask n’ Flagnon) adjacent to Fenway. Brown reception on top of Prudential Center. Long weekend in Block Island, RI with Brown friends after the meeting.

Block Island, RI

SLEEP 2011: Minneapolis. Eclectic bar scene. Beautiful running routes across the Missouri. Mall of America is insane.

Best ride at the mall


SLEEP 2010: San Antonio. Best tourist city in US, hands down. Unique Texmex, outdoor beer shacks, and many tourist traps.

The AlamoSLEEP 2009: Seattle. My first time on the West Coast. Wow, wow, wow.

Pike Market


SLEEP 2008: Baltimore. I didn’t have a blog in 2008 (started in 2009). Company party in the National Aquarium. Brown reception at the Orioles stadium. missed the first bus to Baltimore so had to walk around Pittsburgh all day

SLEEP 2006: Salt Lake City. First time that I saw a ‘real’ mountain chain. Mormon Temple is arguably one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture (in America). And they dilute their beer and charge ‘membership’ (i.e. cover) to bars.

Dement Fellows 2006