This past weekend, my teammates and I competed amongst the fittest in the world in front of 10,000+ people. From meeting people all over the world, to tackling tasks and objects that we had never seen before, to reveling in the post-games festivities, it truly felt like I was an Olympic athlete or close to it. Here are some pictures to summarize the series of grueling workouts that we did over three days.

Friday morning began with the burden run when we were all asked to run 2.1 miles, then flip an awkward, tall steel box weighing 310 lb down a soccer field and finished with carrying a broken telephone pole sectioned into 6 pieces back to the stadium 600 meters away. The telephone pole nicknamed the worm definitely tested our communication skills and mental toughness.


About 5 minutes later, we were asked to pull a heavy sled with added weight down a soccer field in pairs. I was put on the last weight since I’m more of a grueler vs sprinter. And we weren’t allowed to wear cleats making it extra hard to get a grip on the wet soccer field.


Later that afternoon, we were asked to climb a 15 foot rope without using our legs and perform a classic crossfit movement–the thruster–in a chain of people; once one person finished their completed reps the next person could begin with men going first. Us ladies didn’t see any playing time due to a quick latency to forearm fatigue in our men. Oh well, my biceps were pleased.


After feeling like a train hit me when I woke up on Saturday, we did a pretty fun workout in which we had to squat with the broken telephone pole we saw the day before and do burpees over it 90 times over. We had some timing issues causing many of us to plunder, but we got through it and moved up in the rankings as a result.


In the afternoon, we all did a classic crossfit chipper wherein tripods of men and women worked together to complete a large repetition of heavy Olympic lifts and body weight movements. This was the most emotionally salient moment of the weekend.


On Sunday we finished the weekend with a short run throughout the stadium, did some overhead squats in unison and then climbed and jumped over a 7 foot wall on several occasions.


Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. I’d like to thank our many nutrition and apparel sponsors–hylete, mhp, and Corefit– for providing us with gear throughout our training, our recovery team at Icebox Cryotherapy, as well as my family and friends for being patient with my training.