It will be an awesome month of watching high-level athletes on the big screen and competing as a high-level athlete. This month, we celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics. I will pay more attention than usual to the sports, stories, and ceremonies because one of the most inspirational athletes in the business–Lolo Jones–has retired from track and field and will be competing in the bobsled. Yes, a female-centric story line of Cool Runnings.

While trying to figure out how to stream online, I came across a series of videos put out by the National Science Foundation four years ago. Together, Olympic athletes and NSF funded scientists explain the physics and science behind 16 winter sports.

Here in Atlanta, my teammates and I are ready for another Crossfit competition season. We have had our minds set on qualifying as individual (versus team) athletes for the Southeast Regionals and for some, the Crossfit Games. We are excited to see what years of dedication and training at an elite level brings us this season. Here we are in a recent commercial put out by Crossfit headquarters.

If you need a bit more inspiration this month for whatever reason, hopefully this does it.