Two years ago, my cousin was in a life-changing accident. The throttle of his crotch rocket allegedly jammed hurling his passenger and him from his bike. No one knows if he would have been OK with or without a helmet, but he wasn’t wearing one and his brain suffered. Bikers, wear your helmets! Even if you are going to be late, it’s worth it.

Jimmie was a vivacious human being. There was never dull moment in his presence, even more so when my brother was around.
Stars of the Macedonian Convention

The two of them are the protagonists of many stories in Youngstown where we grew up and abroad. That being said, I half expect Jimmie’s calling hours to be sold out!

We love you Jimmie! We know you will keep Grandpa and Grandma entertained in heaven. Grandma may tie your arms around your back a few times but it will be OK.