Last week, my undergraduate advisor, Dr. Mary Carskadon, who could arguably be called the “mother of sleep” given her long-standing contributions as a female scientist, sent me the following article.

The article is about the life’s work of William C. Dement who many regard as the “father of sleep medicine.” I won’t spoil the contents of the article, but Dr. Dement should be any scientists’ idol, not just for those who study sleep. He has done basic science, translational science, clinical science, and is one of the most effective advocates for funding. Believe me, his numerous stories about trips to Capitol Hill are very humorous and could make for their own memoir. I first met Dr. Dement during the summer of my junior year (of college) as a Dement Fellow in Dr. Carskadon’s laboratory at Brown University. The advice he parted about the history of our field, doing science, and being a scientist have stuck with me today. I have passed along many of his stories and experiences to my own students at Morehouse College. So please, read Dr. Dement’s story. It will inspire you, scientist or non-scientist.

Dr. Dement with the 2006 Dement Fellows