It’s time for some self promotion mixed with science. Sorry. This weekend, I competed in the Pensacola Beach Brawl which also presented me with the opportunity to compete in my first (Crossfit-style) triathlon. Sure, we swam (and saw a bull shark on the pier the morning of the swim), but then we sat on a stationary bike to be one with our thoughts, a remarkable view of the Gulf coast, and the dinging of the bike in an attempt to forget how few calories we had biked and how much further we had to go: 150 calories in total. From there, we hopped over a small wall and began the worst part of the tri; a seemingly endless run for a mile in the soft sand that is difficult to walk in let alone run in. It really jacked up our heart rates.

And we are off

Kill Em

The final push

I finished 5th overall which I was extremely happy with because it was my first legitimate ocean swim.

After a night of recovery, it was on to a standard Crossfit competition on Saturday. Unlike most Crossfit competitions in Georgia, this was outdoors. The rain even held off for us. Not only did I tie my current PRs for my Olympic lifts (clean and snatch), but I did really well in the metabolic conditioning workouts that tested our latencies to forearms and bicep fatigue as well as how much pain we could handle after a long, enduring weekend. We also had to NFL combine style testers; max bench press reps at bodyweight and the standing broad jump. I would have been embarrassed if I didn’t place top three in the broad jump. Luckily, I did place first, helping secure a 6th place overall finish for the weekend.

New hang snatch PR

Tie of clean PR

Thrusters to start


Deep concentration

The last workout

On Sunday, I was part of a local Georgia team from Crossfit Perimeter. The workouts were seriously modified due to the poor weather but honestly, I was thankful. We took full advantage of the beach by doing a mile run as a team as well as dragging an #80 sled 125 m each. It was nasty. Like most heavy, longer sled pulls, it is best to go slow and steady instead of going “all out.” Once your body switches over to fat metabolism, there is a serious compromise in power. This decline in power usually results from giving 100% effort in the beginning because you burn through your creatine and glucose reserves quickly.

Quad Squad

Overall, I had a fantastically grueling yet entertaining weekend competing, laughing, and hanging out with fellow Southeast athletes. Much thanks to the continued support of Boxstalker and Pure Strength –as we continue our journey to the podium in the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games. The Pure Strength rig at the competition was awesome. And now it is back to lab bench.

The elite ladies

Panda Rage

In case you didn't know