First off, I am honored to be selected as an official blogger of the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting for the 7th year. My blog was evolved immensely since 2009. Although, most of my posts are housed on Fitness Cult Chronicles to promote my popular science book, Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain. As for SfN, posts related to Theme E (neuroendocrine and homeostatic systems) can be found here. I’ll also have shorter commentary and musings via Twitter and Instagram @beastlyvaulter. I promise not to upset the @sfnpolice.

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As far as sightseeing, I am excited about the many ethnic foods of Chicago (i.e. pierogis) and to see beautiful lakefront. I will be getting a bag of Garrett’s as soon as I land in O’Hare. And a thick Midwestern steak at some point. As far as the meeting goes, it is in your best interest to take advantage of as many nightlife socials as possible. It’s not for the free booze but rather networking. You never know who you will meet and what commonalities you’ll have in science for collaboration and beyond. Also, this social is gonna be #onfleek. It’s a sell out crowd every year. Plus, it is the perfect opportunity to meet the faces of social media behind the meeting.

Be ready.

As for the non-empirical portions of SfN (i.e., navigating the exhibit hall), I have a bit of advice.

  1. Do not go at lunch time. Do not go at lunch time. Early morning is best if you are looking to speak to someone about troubleshooting and new products not lunch time.
  2. Get your free stuff with your promo cards early. Stuff runs out by Monday!
  3. The exhibit hall is a great place to spend time if you are on the job hunt or junior faculty. You want to go into an interview knowing how much startup $$ you need with actual numbers on hand. Nearly all sales reps will give you printouts (or emailed) quotes on the spot. It will save you at least a week’s worth of work.

Safe travels, y’all!!