This page includes all lectures and required and supplemental readings for the course. Readings include original research articles  and reviews pertinent to the course that are published in major neuroscience journals. Supplemental materials are not mandatory but may pique your enthusiasm for neuroscience.

Neuroendocrinology: Slides for class.

Environmental Influences on Brain Development: Slides for class.

  • Optional reading: Basic review on epigenetics. This is a new research area showing how the environment can impact our genetic and molecular machinery and drive the progression of many diseases.

Feeding Pathways: Slides for class.

Sleep and Wake: Slides for class.

Datablitz (in place of mini-exam). Here is an example:  AJB_Per2

Speech and Language: Slides for class.

Biological Sex: Slides for class.

  • Required reading: Review of some really cool research being conducted at Georgia State to elucidate sex differences in brain anatomy and function.
  • Optional reading: The second article is optional but is very interesting: Pheromone Influence on Tip Earnings??