In spring of 2007, I received a Sc.B. in Psychology from Brown University. As an undergraduate, I was a research assistant for Dr. Mary A. Carskadon at the Bradley Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory, and participated in the William C. Dement Summer Behavioral Apprenticeship. I was also a four-year varsity letterman in track and field.

In summer of 2011, I received my doctorate in physiology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University under the advising of Dr. J. David Glass. My research investigated the roles of the circadian and reward systems in alcoholism. I was also President of the Kent State Biology Graduate Student Council.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Neuroscience Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine funded on a National Research Service Award from the NIH. I am interested in environmental and genetic regulation of sleep-wake processes, particularly how sleep is controlled by peripheral tissues and interactions between sleep and reward pathways. I am a past member of the Board of Directors (Trainee Member-At-Large) for the Sleep Research Society .Currently, I am Chair of the Gordon Research Seminar on Sleep Regulation.