This has the representative Homeostatic and Neuroendocrine Systems blog of the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meetings for the past five years.

Call me Allison or “Brager,” as acknowledged by past coaches and teachers. I am a postdoc at Morehouse School of Medicine specializing in sleep and circadian rhythms research. Needless to say, I was very intrigued by Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams as a jubilant eight year old, and though I presently have the knowledge to refute Freud’s work, I am increasingly enamored by a phenomenon humans spend 1/3 of their day undertaking. Besides researching sleep/circadian rhythms and sleeping, the rest of my subjective day is partitioned into competitively training and coaching.

Check out my two books on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. The former is young adult fiction written 10 years ago. The second is my baby that took three years to write: debunking the myth of the dumb jock.