Year after year fashion reinvents itself and it’s very hard to keep up with it. Old trends become new, and the most important thing is to take from each season what’s good for our style. Sometimes, no matter the trend, we make some terrible style mistakes that can turn an outfit into a real mess. You should keep in mind that from elegant to vulgar and from common to chic may be only one small step!

  1. Sexy doesn’t mean vulgar!
    If you want to dress sexy, you mustn’t show too much skin, because this means that you transmit your intentions, and you’ll be treated as such. If you don’t want to fall into this category, apply the number one fashion rule “less is more”. In other words, if you have a deep cleavage, don’t wear miniskirts, and vice versa. Tight-fitting clothes should be carefully selected so as not to become vulgar. If you choose such a dress, make sure its length is decent and your cleavage is well hidden.
  2. Underwear on sight!
    You have to hide your underwear. Is called underwear, because you have to wear it under your clothes! Designers, and not only, consider this disgusting. And it is! Let’s not talk about those who show their underwear intentionally, but also those cases where the underwear appears from under your clothes. You can find bras and panties that can hide your private parts without being seen.
  3. Wrong underwear!
    Your underwear should always match your clothes. It’s very disgraceful to show what’s under your clothes, and believe us no one appreciates it! In other words, don’t wear white underwear under black clothes because it can be seen in the light. Even if you have a beautiful black bra and a cool white shirt! If you wear white clothes, choose nude underwear! Also, choosing to wear the wrong size with tight-fitting items, you’ll look like a pipe!
  4. Gauzy leggings!
    We celebrate the existence of leggings because are the most common, easy-to-wear, and match clothing item. But they are also responsible for many style mistakes. If you decided to wear gauzy leggings don’t show your tush! Wear them with a long shirt or blouse to avoid showing your shapes. Even if you have the perfect body shape, this isn’t a pleasant image. Not to mention if you are a plus size. Anyway, it’s better to choose a thick material and always your size. You have to make the difference between tights and leggings.
  5. Tight-fitting shorts with heels!
    It’s OK to wear shorts, but they must look properly! Wrong accessorizing will push you through the vulgar extreme. For example, you shouldn’t wear tight-fitting shorts with a crop top especially avoid accessorizing them with heels. There are exceptions, but they require big attention and great taste in fashion.
  6. Narrow waist
    This problem appears when we’re wearing too tight pants, and the skin flows sideways. Most of the time it happens to low waist pants creating a disgusting image, and our advice is to wear high waist pants because they will “carve” your figure.