Hip Hop jewelry was originally designed as flashy, extravagant accouterments to serve as status symbols for famous hip-hop artists. Hip Hop bling jewelry is classified by the use of gold and diamonds. The wearer of bling is often referred to as being ‘iced out’ or ‘bling-bling’ bling. ‘Bling’ is a slang word for jewelry and the slang word for diamonds is ‘ice’. When a person says they are going to ‘ice their wrist, it means they will be wearing diamond wrist jewelry like watches, bracelets, etc.

Why do Rappers call Jewelry ‘Ice’?

The slang word for diamonds, ‘Ice’ is used as a noun in many rap songs. When rappers use it in their songs it refers to expensive diamond jewelry. ‘Ice’ is a term used by many rappers including Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, Joe Trufant, Travis Scott, Future, Montana, and many more.

When rappers ‘bust down’ or say they are going to ‘dip in a fountain’ they mean they will be wearing diamonds or adding a specific type of diamond to one of their existing jewelry pieces.

‘Ice on the wrist’ is a saying used in the hip hop culture or in lyrics that means the rapper will be wearing a lot of diamond jewelry mostly on the wrist in the form of bracelets or a watch. Some rappers refer to themselves as ‘nice’ (cool) when they wear a lot of diamond jewelry.

Gold also features prominently in Bling jewelry. By far the most iconic piece of jewelry worn by hip-hop artists is the gold chain. Jay-Z is known to wear the most gold and owns an 11-pound gold Cuban chain worth $200k. The gold chain was popularized by rap legends like Notorious B.I.G. and rappers can’t be taken seriously unless they have a heavy gold chain in their arsenal. The most popular gold chain styles are Cuban, rope, box, snake, or the Franco chain. Depending on their swag, the kind of favorite chains rappers wear will vary accordingly.

A Dookie Rope is a large chain that looks like a long, hollow strip of metal or elongated braid 20mm to 30mm in width in varying lengths with a gold/yellow tint.

The rapper Gazzy Garcia whose stage name is Lil Pump has purportedly spent the most in ‘icebox’ with a whopping spree of $500k at Icebox Diamonds & Watches where she was shown on Instagram throwing loads of cash around the store.

Grillz are worn as a form of identity or self-expression and used as an opportunity to show off an extra flashy smile. However, it is apparently not such a healthy choice for teeth.

Show Off Your Bling with Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip Hop originated in New York City in the 1970s with parties that hired DJs to play disco, R&B, Funk, and Soul Beats. These short beats were already familiar in Jamaica known as ‘mashups’. These parties were usually accompanied by brief bursts of looped lyrical material commonly used in Jamaican pop music which may have given birth to the rap genesis. With it came the Caribbean look of beaded chains, beanies, wrist trinkets, and a flood of notoriety that ended up in seriously wealthy rappers taking hip hop jewelry to another level with real diamonds and gold. Fans and followers of rap artists like to express their affiliation with certain rappers by wearing hip-hop bling jewelry.